Making Matcha a Habit

At the beginning of 2017, I am proud to say that I ended a decades long habit of savoring at least one diet coke a day.

A few things came together to help me get over this addiction. One, a New Year’s vacation threw off my daily habit, and I committed to continuing this once I returned home. And two, I discovered the power of an afternoon matcha latte.

After many years of consuming caffeine mid-day, my body was not ready to stop in the middle of that. Matcha was an extremely healthy way to ease the transition – I already have a daily morning coffee habit and did not think a regular tea would be potent enough.

Pure matcha is sold in a powdered form, and yes, it is expensive compared to other types of tea. I buy a 5.5oz (156g) for $20; however, this does last me a whole month with one latte a day, meaning about 65 -70 cents per latte plus almond milk, which I also use in my coffee so maybe add another 50 cents. This is more than double my diet coke habit at 12 cans of coke for $4. Really, if you consider the components, coke is blend of mainly sugar, water and chemicals. The relationship between the soft drink stock price and the commodity pricing for sugar is so strongly related that wall street traders even take positions based on this correlation! However, matcha is a specific type of tea leaf grown out of a very precise process. To me, the prices should not be compared in the same category as their production process is wholly different and each one is a contrasting investment in overall health as well. Also, after comparing prices, I really feel that it is worth it to buy the pure matcha. There are some tea blends with green tea and matcha mixed, but they are nearly just as much as pure matcha alone!


Matcha comes in powdered form as above.

Matcha is ten times more potent than regular green tea, packing a strong amount of of antioxidants, which diminish they type of environment in which cancers thrive. Due the nature of the process of how matcha is made, it retains high amounts of chlorophyll, which helps to detoxify the body. There is said to be a mental alertness and calming effect associated with matcha. I do feel that matcha does provide me with what I would call a sustained, un-heightened supply of energy, meaning that I do not feel the strong ‘burst’ of energy like that of coffee but I do feel higher energy levels on a consistent basis. Also, I do not want to jinx myself here, but although exposed to several winter colds and airplane trips, I been able to avoid these, which I do believe is in part due to matcha’s ability to build a strong immune system.

For the latte, I do 1.5 cups of unsweetened almond (or coconut) milk boiled in a pot until it starts to simmer. While the pot is heating, I mix half a cup of water with 1 spoonful of matcha. When pot starts to boil, I add the half a cup of matcha water to the mix, and heat for another 2 minutes or so. Then, you can pour and wait until cool enough to enjoy – I also add a touch of honey or agave for sweetness.


This latte is with coconut milk – I like to boil it to the point that it gets a little bit of froth.

In any case, I am now a matcha believer – now if I could only combine this with my desire for travel and try the original in Japan! 🙂

*Not a nutritionist or expert – just invested in learning how to take care of my body!*


The final matcha latte – that steam!


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  1. Good read! You’ve got me wondering if I can find some here in Oregon. If not, I can probably order some online.
    Thank you for including a recipe – otherwise it would just be a tease.


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