Amouage: A Scent to Remember

I do remember the first perfume I ever wore – Tommy Hilfiger. It was popular in school at the time. And a few years later there was Dolce & Gabanna, light blue. The scents in between were nice but not memorable.

Now, one that I will never forget is the line from Amouage.

Amouage is a fragrance company located in Muscat, Oman. It was established in the early 1980s, and from what I can tell, has been growing in respect and admiration ever since. Their factory stands a few miles outside of Muscat International Airport. The site is well worth a visit when looking for unique corners of Oman.


This scent is Sunshine – a fresh daytime scent. They also take great care in the bottle design – the newest scents feature a magnetic cap.

Photography is not allowed in the facility; however, you can still see the fascinating detail of production. As the building opens, you can explore the various scents combined in the Amouage process as each is displayed in its own glass jar containers so that you experience each scent individually. Recall that Oman is know as “the land of frankincense.” Hence, Amouage provides a jar of this scent and all of the others to explore.   From there, you are able to walk through their production process, which still utilizes all natural ingredients. Other perfume lines that I have purchased smell wonderful at the time of application; however, occasionally after a night of wear, I would wake up with a more distinct chemical smell. With Amouage, I have never had this experience, and it puts my mind at ease that I am not adding anymore harsh chemicals to my body.

At Amouage, many fragrances here have an more distinct oud smell, which provides more of an earthy or woody smell. While I had not been previously exposed to this scent in the US, I have come to, in fact, prefer it while in Oman. Many public places, such as hotels, malls or restaurants, utilize this scent as well by burning frankincese over coals. For me, it brings to my mind images of the Middle East, and I always look favorably on those memories. Amouage also offers a variety of other types of scents if your preference is otherwise.


This scent is Ciel. It is a distinct, more oud type scent with hints of floral notes as well. Although I love wearing this for an evening out, it is also great for daytime.

For a complete trip, I would at least plan 1.5 to 2 hours as you can really lose yourself trying all the scents in the shop at the end of the tour.

I have seen these scents available through Amazon and other retailers. The men’s line is also fantastic.


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  1. Being in Muscat I never visited the place. Its a nice review ☺


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