10,000 Steps in Qurum Park

As a competitive fit bit owner, I love to find new and compelling ways to achieve those 10,000 steps each day. Most of the time, it is a run through a familiar area or on a treadmill.

Recently, it has been a walk through Qurum Park in Muscat, Oman.

The park is very dynamic – the entry way opens with a picnic area to your right, then a walk through a large fountain, then a walk around a small pond, which backs up to an amphitheater, to the side there is scene of old architecture, then a large football field, which finally backs up to a small hill upon which a few restaurants sit to overlook the city.

Yes, I really meant dynamic – if you are fond of exploration and always looking to see what is over the next hill, Qurum Park will not leave you disappointed or bored. Along the way, families and groups gather to enjoy a picnic or explore the park. Even so, with the expanse of the park and quietness of the city, you are still able to find peaceful moments of solitude.

Although a cloudy day is not optimal for pictures, it is certainly the best weather in which to walk around and avoid a harsh sun. Parking is free. Occasionally, especially during the holiday season, there will be markets or events hosted in the buildings nearby the entrance.

Hoping to incite curiosity, I have photographed a walk through of Qurum Park below.


Entry Way to Qurum Park in Muscat, Oman.


This is entry walk into the park. Picnic tables are to the left; however, there are some really nice areas to lay a blanket down farther into the park as well. There is a small shop the right serving drinks and snacks.


The entrance walkway then opens into a large fountain.


After the fountain, the park opens up into various eye-catching landscape arrangements. This one reminds me out of something from “Alice and Wonderland.”


Throughout the park are different playgrounds – there is even a small shop to purchase small toys as well.


A scene of older architecture to one side of the park.


Next, you will find a small pond. At the far end is a large amphitheater.


You can see similar details like this crest throughout the park, which warrants a walk around at least 2-3 times to catch everything.


A beautiful flower bed beside the amphitheater.


If you keep walking to the back of the park, you will find this hill with the fountains occasionally running. At the top are two different restaurants that overlook the city for a beautiful view at night. I recommend the restaurant, “The Bank” – I have not yet visited the other.


Scenes of the park from atop the hill. 


Scenes of the highway from the hill – I show this as Oman’s road network is quite impressive and very well taken care of.


To the right, you can see a football field against a background with minarets from a local mosque.

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