The Royal Opera House in Muscat

I would say that I never have been one much for opera. However, as Muscat offers such a wonderful opportunity to enjoy it, I have embraced it.

As a late Valentine’s date, last night we enjoyed Madeleine Peyroux – an American jazz singer. It was a laid back atmosphere showcasing a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable¬†set of music and lyrics. I had not previously know the artist, but that is what is so wonderful about what the Royal Opera House offers. You can come and embrace a new style or a different artist so easily.

There is a comfortable ride through the city to get to the opera and park. You walk into a decorative wood foyer with gold inlay, which is gorgeous – I do hope that they keep the fresh wood scent in there as long as possible. Perhaps Amouage (a famous Omani perfume) needs to make a new scent?! The hosts greet you with enthusiasm and usher you to your seats, of which there is not a bad one in the house. The theater is even equipped with small screens on the back of each chair to translate during the shows (if available).

All of this to say, the Royal Opera House in Muscat is a wonderful part of the culture that Muscat has to offer, and new shows are constantly passing through. A show here is well worth to see whether you are vacationing in the city, passing through on business, or embracing your new home as an expat.

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