Eating Avocados in Muscat…

It’s breakfast time in Muscat, do you know where the good avocados are?

Maybe it is the gringa in me, but every time I find good Mexican avocados here, I go crazy. This time I went 6 six deep – I bought 6 perfect, softball size, ready to eat masterpieces of omegas, potassium, and fiber. So I have got to eat them fast. Also, I’m going to the Royal Opera House in Muscat this evening, a late Valentine’s Day date – it’s time to make sure my body is well feed and energized until a late dinner after the show.

Smoothie time!

Meet the Ingredients:


Smoothie ingredients

  • 1.5 Frozen Bananas – Frozen myself. Great for  sweetness without straight sugars.
  • 0.5 Cup of Greek Yogurt – Excellent for probiotics and gut health. Did you know that 80% of serotonin, a “happy” hormone, produced in your body originates from your gut?! Reason enough for me to keep it healthy!
  • 0.5 of Avocado – You’ve seen my testimony above, need I say more?
  • 5 Walnuts – Another great source of healthy fats and a go to scratch remover for wood furniture – yes, just rub it on the wood and the oils will soak in and cover the scratch!
  • A Spoon Milled Chia Seeds – Milled Chia > (great than) Whole Chia as it allows for better absorption. Chia seeds are great for binding to the bad things in your body and pulling them out.
  • A Spoon of Spirulina Powder – An import from Dubai, not sure if it is available here in Muscat. Spirulina is an algae and has one of the highest contents for plant protein. I’m not a vegan or full on vegetarian, but I do love that this is a sustainable source of protein with very little negative impact on the environment – plus, there are claimed added benefits of anti-inflammation and detoxification of heavy metals. This does not have a taste – if anything I would say “earthy” but well masked by the banana.

Don’t hesitate if you do not have all ingredients. I used to fret about that when looking a recipes, but you find the best combinations when you experiment with what you have.

From here, you only need to combine all of those ingredients in a blender to get…

The Result: 

I know it looks like something from “The Grinch”, right? This is thanks to the spirulina. But it’s delicious (mainly tastes like banana) and so good for you. From here, I eat it with a spoon. My preference is thick smoothies, but if you want to thin it, add some ice to the blend.

Now, I’m ready for a well fueled work out and a night at the Royal Opera House! Enjoy.

The Result.jpg

Final result. The spirulina gives it the deep green color.

*Not a nutritionist or expert – just invested in learning how to take care of my body!*

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4 replies

  1. I couldn’t agree more on the Advocado thing lol. I literally buy up the whole bin whenever I see avocados from Mexico have made their way to the grocery store. I had no idea that avocados grown in different regions of the world would taste so different. The closest thing to “regular” avocado aka Mexican avocados are the ones grown in the Philippines. I don’t think I’ve been so grateful for avocados. It’s crazy to realize how much you take for granted once they’re gone or very hard to come by. Definitely makes me want to live more intentional and grateful.
    Where in Dubai did you find the Spirulina? I’ve been looking for it in Muscat but couldn’t find it!

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  2. I think you’ve just captured the answer peectfrly

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  3. I similar to the worthwhile data you provide with your reports.I’ll bookmark your web page and investigate yet again below routinely.I am pretty totally sure I will find out an awful lot of new stuff perfect right here! Decent luck with the next!


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