First Post

“First post” is bringing to mind something like my first major trip outside of the United States. That trip set the course of my life – probably subconsciously hoping for a similar impact…

  • Date: March 2004
  • Place: Brad, Romania
  • Purpose: Christian service trip with high school

I choose this particular trip because it offered the chance to connect with students in Romania that were, like me, in high school at the time. At the time, I did not see this opportunity to connect with others as valuable as I as valuable as I do now. There was no future intention I had besides to do good while I was there and then return home.

What started with no direction, set the charge of my life thereafter – I returned to Romania three times after that. I set my college and future ambitions out of experiences taken from there. Even after almost 10 years since I last was in Romania, the experiences of faith are a bedrock to what I believe is the whole purpose of my life.

When I find myself distracted, much more the opposite is true, I look for direction and, at minimum, a five year plan before I even know where I am going, where I want to go, what I want to do…

Thinking this through, my hope does not very much align to a typical “plan” for a blog. I’d rather it be like my first experience in Romania: setting out to do something good and connect with people that I would never have been able to otherwise.

Photo: Outside of Bucharest.

Other Notes: My heart is absolutely with all Romanians during recent protests.

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  1. Thanks so much for dropping by my brushes with watercolour – much appreciated. Good luck with your blog – your plan for it sounds good to me!

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